Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thank You!

To all the people who made a dream become a reality, thank you! I couldn't possibly list everyone in a book page, so this is for everyone who I couldn't put in there.

  • Benjamin Bowerman. You've been in my life only a short time but you've been invaluable for bouncing ideas off you and letting me know what works and what doesn't.
  • Devin Cayer and Vanessa Cayer. Holy cow we've known each other forever! Thank you always for the support you two have given me throughout the years, and all the fun times, too!
  • Isaac DeKing. It's great to share a love of writing with someone, and you've always spoken highly of me. Plus you put up with my CRAZY art commissions, and you're a great writer yourself. I really hope your stuff gets published one day. Thank you. :)
  • Paul Goshi. You read some of the earliest stuff, and your interest helped spark the drive that propelled me from a mere tens of thousands of words into almost 600,000! 
  • Zac Hubert. Your Ficlet100 was awesome back in the day. I started reading your stuff back when I was still formulating my ideas, and it helped kindle my interest in the fantasy genre, and that it could be taken seriously.
  • Adam Karl. You still kicking around bud? You read the very VERY first draft of what would become my novel, back when we were at A&W together. Imagine if you shot it down, what would have happened? Heh.
  • Matthew Kobewka. Plenty of good times at work when things have otherwise been crappy, and I'm always flattered when you mention me to other people. I wish you the best of luck as you enter the Faculty of Education. :3
  • Michael Kozakewich. Remember LiveJournal? Remember when that was actually a thing? Hah. I try not to, either. Thanks for the words of support and encouragement back then. :)
  • Brian Legg. Always helped to give that extra little push when I was feeling down.
  • Gavin Mondor. You read my writing long before anyone else, back when all I did was create EverQuest fanfiction. Man, those were some good times.
  • Daniel and Jennifer Reader. An awesome pairing if I've ever met one, and supportive the whole way through. 
  • Kevin Rush. You've been reading my stuff for a long time and always commented about it. And you've done an amazing job with the characters when I've commissioned you.
  • Donna Vu. Your brought Dane and his world to life with your cover art. You were friendly and approachable, and you had no problem tackling it. I hope we can work together again in the future. 
  • The Shoppers Crew. Namely the cashiers I've worked with. Rhea, Dawn, Joty, Emily, Carly, Troy... you folks are some of the best people I've ever worked with and always supportive, too.
  • The Zilkie Clan. A man could not ask for a better family. We may bicker and disagree on things, but overall, we're a solid bunch that always has each others backs.
  • The folks from Cohort S1A (2012-2013) and S2C (2013-2014) from the Faculty of Education. Never before have I met a more supportive and wonderful group of people. :3

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