Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Last Stand

A month has passed since the events of Shadows of War, and Dane takes his first steps towards becoming an officer in the military. As the Lieutenant of the 81st Mobile Infantry Division, he must make hard decisions that could drastically alter the fates of those around him, whether they be his subordinates, the civilians he serves, or the man he loves.

Dane and a squadron of soldiers set out across the empire to the remote Kelmore Province, to the village of Mullead, to investigate a growing number of disappearances and murders. As the freshly initiated soldiers work to uncover the mystery plaguing Mullead, they are beset by one set back after another as someone works to keep them away.

The closer they get to the truth, the more the shadows creep in, seeking to slide in the knife and put an end to their nosing about.

Set in the Galria universe, THE LAST STAND seeks to build off of the world introduced with LEGENDS OF GALRIA: SHADOWS OF WAR. It is a direct sequel to the first tale, and acts as a bridge between the first book in the series, and the upcoming LEGION OF SYTAREL.

I'm rather excited to announce this title, because I haven't had much of a chance to show how the Rogarian Empire works to readers, or the connections that Dane is supposed to have with his subordinates and with his partner, Aiden. One of the issues I've experienced while writing the second book is that I had no explanation for where Dane's experience as a military leader came from, and THE LAST STAND is meant to share that with readers.

THE LAST STAND is projected to be a shorter work in length, likely only novella sized (somewhere around, or less than, 50,000 words), but hopefully the shorter format won't detract from the quality one is likely to expect from the Galria novels.

There will be a giveaway tied to the release of THE LAST STAND, but I will let everyone know more about that as I get closer to the release of the book, so stay tuned!