Friday, 13 May 2011


So I start this blog with the hopes that I'll be able to actually keep up with it this time. Of course, since this is designed to be a blog for my development company Bearion Studios, there would likely only be posts when there's something relevant and important to add here.

So maybe I should go a bit into what the intent behind the company is and where I'd like to go with it:
  • Bearion Studios does not work for the Almighty Dollar. The intent behind the company is to design games that are fun and are for gamers, rather than designing them to catch the biggest market share of customers to make the most money.
  • Bearion Studios does not design its products in tandem for both consoles and PCs, as all products are designed to be made for PCs first and consoles second. We feel that the console market has resulted in creating games that have to be dumbed down in graphics, controls, and features to make them function with a machine that is slower, has worse graphics, limited controls, and the like. PC development will always come first, and games will only be ported to consoles should the design team feel like doing it.
  • Bearion Studios focuses on creating content that is not a mere clone of other games. The market is already saturated with hundreds of MMORPGs that are just clones of World of Warcraft, or shooters that are clones of either Unreal Tournament or Quake or Counterstrike (depending on the engine). We do not create clones.
  • Bearion Studios will not sell itself to a larger company just to make money or to make a game. Creative control will remain with our developers and we will not allow it to be scooped up by a bigger company that will only take over.
  • Bearion Studios will focus on providing jobs for students and other independent developers rather than hiring people who are already in the industry. This gives students a chance to get into the industry and earn experience working on projects so that they can pursue a career in the industry.

That is what Bearion Studios is intended to stand for and some of the ideals that the company and its employees subscribe to. There are a number of projects on the table that I would personally love to see made, but of course, I do understand that some of these ideas are harder than others to design. Many of the games designed take place in a world called Galria, something I've spent the better part of many years designing and writing about, while others take place in alternate earth settings:
  • MMO of the Dead (FPS/Zombie Apocalypse game)
  • Galria: Champions of the Gods (Third-Person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game)
  • Galria: Arion's Quest (Action Adventure Platformer)
  • Galria: The Blackguard (Turn-based Strategy game)
  • Galria Civilizations (Strategy Simulation game)
  • Galria: The Lich's Curse (Action RPG game)
  • Tales of Galria (MMORPG)
Ideally, a lot of these will be made, since as the game designer and world builder for all of these games, I'd love to see them come to life. I'm not so conceited that I think that these are games that would "rock" the industry and trump those that have come before it, but because I seek to push the boundaries of what is considered the norm and to show what a game can actually be like if it's designed for the sake of the game rather than for money.

Well, perhaps it's just a bit conceited. :)